Why I created Shop the Garment District

Two reasons. One, I love NYC’s Garment District. It may look gritty and dated on the outside, but for people who love to sew and create, shopping here for fabric and trims is the equivalent of a kid’s first trip to Disneyworld. Not even the sewing shops of Paris can compare with what we have in midtown New York.

But unless you are a New Yorker, you may not be aware that these stores, shops, services and businesses of the Garment District (also known as the Fashion Center, Fashion District and Garment Center) are in danger of being forced out due to escalating rents and easing of the zoning laws that protect apparel businesses. It’s true: Yet another institution of the Garment District filed for bankruptcy just last month (09/10). You can help by shopping here whenever possible or by patronizing the online stores that many Garment District merchants have recently created.

Two, as much as I love the Garment District, I know it can be confusing and overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with it like I am. (I happen to work at an office located on the periphery of the Garment District, so I frequently pop over there on my lunch breaks.) I decided to become a subject matter expert on Garment District shopping so I could help fellow sewing friends make the most of their shopping trips here. My store reviews, map and tips on the Garment District at my other blog (where I write about my adventures in fashion sewing) have been so popular that I thought it was time to create a site dedicated to the features of the Garment District that appeal to people who sew and other creative types.

Shop the Garment District is a work-in-progress. While plans for it are still evolving (I’m not even entirely sure what I want this site to be yet), I welcome your input as to how I can make this site a destination for those who love to shop NYC’s Garment District and make beautiful things from the goods we buy here. Please feel free to email me at lindsaytdesigns [at] gmail dot com with suggestions and comments. —Meg