Friday, July 3, 2015

Betcha' didn't know about Evermax

And if you did, you're more observant (or in the know?) than I am, my friend. How many years do I need to walk past a place before I actually enter?  Maybe a decade or more, sometimes, apparently.

One of you recently asked me where you can buy a GREAT BIG enormous bag of buttons recently... and I said I DIDN'T KNOW!!!!  I hope you're reading today...

How did I find this place?

Bagel fanatic that I am, I thought my feet remembered the way to a local garment district bagel place, but I made a wrong turn a block early, and wandered just past a sign with an arrow pointing upwards that read "Evermax". That wouldn't have mattered to me, except that there was also some text beneath the name, referring to buckles, trimmings and buttons, so I rang the bell.  Nothing. 

Looked around the entrance for a bit...

No need to ring the bell, apparently.  You just push the door open and head upstairs.  You know, like a detective would...

Whoa, folks.  This place has got LOTS of stuff.  A home sewer would find it overwhelming, I assure you, but if you want to buy factory trims, notions, buttons, and other items, whether singularly or in larger quantities, this is the place for you! Wholesale or retail, they will welcome you!

HUGE bags of buttons, all sorts of embellishments, ribbons, cords, sparkly things and buttons are everywhere.  Neatly organized in a HUGE showroom. Shelves and shelves and shelves of them!

Elvia, the friendly and welcoming manager, explained to me that they are a huge international manufacturer (they are actually a Chinese company), but anyone at all is welcome to purchase there. They have had a presence in this location for 20 years.

What if you're not in New York?

They have an Ebay store. Yes, really.

Evermax International Corp.
Buttons and Trimmings Manufacturer
225 West 36th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Heroes of the Garment District - Example #2 - FIT Museum

Let's talk about the Global Fashion Capitals exhibit at FIT. It seemed a particularly American idea, as if to indicate that we Americans are unaware that every human being on the planet who has any disposable income is inclined to have at least some level of an interest in fashion, I was particularly intrigued.  What would this be?

I didn't know what to expect from such a broad topic.  Before reading the brochure, I wasn't sure where they were headed with this exhibit, so I ventured in to see the pieces. I must say it is important to read the brochure or any literature you can before taking this exhibit in, so you don't miss the point here.  Think local AND global.  Think international, think technology, think textiles, think androgynous, think edgy, think city, think opulence, think historical, think modern, or frankly, just think... 

And it is so fabulous that we are now allowed to take pictures and share via social media all we want!

Dior, Balenciaga


Claire McCardell

What I found, after some looking around, was an all-inclusive celebration of creativity and innovation.  Many continents represented, many creative directions taken. There is no word that would characterize this entire display, but "artistic" and "individual", are the best ones that come to mind.

Among the works on display, were the designer names anyone would expect - names like Balenciaga, Miyake, Galliano, Chanel, Poiret, Claire McCardell, McQueen etc.  But, I also really appreciated the names I've never heard from the places I've never been.

Here's some eye candy:

Christopher kane, London

This exhibit will be in place for quite some time, and will close on November 12, 2015.  I strongly suggest a visit!

Note: Better photos than mine can be found here.