Thursday, August 18, 2016

Through the eyes of another...

Pop quiz: Lemme know if you remember that I posted about the magical allure of this fabric in the past.  Notice that someone else mentioned it, too (see below). In a district this large, with mountains of merchandise, how amazing is it that we could all fall in love with the same fabric? I hope we don't all bump into one another anywhere this fall... It could be embarrassing!

Shams, if don't know already, is such a delight of a sewing personality.  On her blog right now, she has written a series of beautifully enthusiastic posts about her recent visit to New York City, and her exploration of the garment district.  It is as thorough as it is passionate, and I strongly recommend reading it.

Note: She does give me a shout out in her entry #4, but that's not why I'm praising her blog here.  I'm praising it because it is good!

On finding your inner Olympian

My daughter drew this portrait of my son.  Nothing to do with sewing, but her creativity inspires me.

Loving every minute of the Olympics so far, and feeling so inspired...

What can be taught about work ethic, perseverence, failure and success by watching all of these competitors?  For me, it lets me know that everyone, including the second AS WELL as the  very last person to finish in ANY event had to show up for someone else to win. To make that win count.  We all wanna win, but, win or lose, we all NEED to participate.  Of course the winner had to do the work to make that win possible, but the competition requires so much more effort than that person's individual effort.

Where is my olympian? She's feeling a little dumpy in her clothes right now.  Summer heat, sloppy t-shirts and shorts...

I've been doing a lot with rectangles lately.  Very simple shapes in fabrics that make a statement. (Above: Teal knit from Kashi, and "rippled craziness" (my term) from Fabrics Garden.)  This below- calf length dress is basically huge rectangle with a long panel suspended from the next, and a firm, elasticized belt.

My body wants to move.  When I wear something that restricts my movement or comfort, I may change my plans.  "Can we go home?" can be inspired by feeling hot and sticky, squeezed, exposed... My recent weight gain, while slight, I must confess, must be attached to the many decisions I am making every day.  This requires me to think about it a bit. What did I choose not to do because my pants were too tight, where did I choose not to sit because of the style of that skirt?

Where have I not  gone because I wasn't happy with my appearance recently?

Hmmmm. Now, I know I can make things that last a long time.  I know how to build a body of work, build a look, make a style statement...

And that's exactly what I should do. I'm inspired.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Peeking in...

Original artwork by my daughter

While my daughter's artwork deserves more of a comment than this, I am just without words when I see her drawings now.  So, I simply share this one with you.  Again, she has blown me away.

When I have a moment to take a somewhat leisurely stroll through the garment district, I try to take a peek into the stores that aren't on my regular radar, just to see what's new/what's changed/what inspires...

So, on my way down to City Quilter yesterday, I popped into Truemart, a store I had incorrectly written off as dying, due to the impossible avalanche of merchandise inside, and apparently incorrect rumors of its imminent demise.

While I would not say that it is a place to go when you have a list of things you are looking for, it is great for a "treasure hunt" excursion, when you have time and an open mind, especially now, since, due to less merchandise in the store, that terrible claustrophobic feeling I referred to in an earlier post has eased.

Too tight of a space to capture a real photograph, this silk caught my eye.
This hoodie-esque fabric called out to me.  It told me loudly what it wants to be.

The prices are still quite fair, although not as fair as they once were.  Still worth a visit!