Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall Artisanal Speakeasy 2.0! (Another 2-day exploration!)


Following the success of the Spring Speakeasy, and using its success to create the next one, I am very anxious to do another version of this tour, and implement some improvements for my next group.

I also know what aspects not to mess with:

Gotta have good food with comfortable seating!
Gotta have reasonably good weather!
Gotta have really compelling and unusual meetings with experts!
Gotta have access to exciting goods in exciting stores!

Here's the description for the Fall Event:

This will be a special Speakeasy, where participants will get to see creative workshops and technicians in the garment district who make magical things happen to fabric.  Through surveys, conversations, consultations, and experiences, I will curate a truly exciting combination of experiences and learning opportunities for a unique group of Speakeasy participants.

Like the last one, this tour is a "go" no matter how few attend, since I know some of you are "in" already (because you needed to cancel/postpone or reschedule the last one).  While I doubt this will be a problem, space is limited, though.  While I would like to invite the whole wide world, more than 20 people would make this unmanageable. 

This will be a 2-day event. The dates will be October 2nd and 3rd, 2015.   This type of adventure is as "Speakeasy" as it gets... so don't expect to get too many details here...

To reserve your space, a $50 deposit (refundable if cancelled no later than 30 days before the event) will be required. 

Balance payment will be due by September 3, 2015.  

The cost of this Speakeasy is $250.  

This includes our events, and lunches for the group on both days (with consideration for any special dietary needs/restrictions addressed in advance). I am holding the funds in a special account specifically designated for tour expenses, which I will incur as the date draws nearer, so please do not make full payment unless your plans are set to participate.  The deposit reserves your spot.

Who will want to participate in this Speakeasy?

  • Someone who is a creative sewer
  • Someone who is a creative designer/small manufacturer
  • Someone who loves to learn, loves history, appreciates fine skill
  • Someone who loves stories and creative adventures
  • Someone who enjoys both old and new

*If you are someone who has spoken with me at length about this, and know you are already committed, feel free to submit a deposit to reserve your space, or submit full payment if so inclined.  In the event of my illness or unforeseen calamity, the tour will still take place with a replacement guide(s).

I know some of you will call, email or text me with questions.  I'll answer many of them, but, I assure you, I'm being secretive ON PURPOSE.  There are some HUGE surprises on this one!

Wanna come?

Payment options

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Starting here... (The gasp) and a Teen Perspective

No, it's not September yet... but you know I can't shut up, so...

Whoops - updating (5:13 PM) I buried the lead!

My daughter did this self-portrait last week.  Yes, she's still 13. No, I'm not kidding...

On creativity:

Sometimes, I think about just how many colors there are in the world, and how awesome the whole spectrum is, and I can't just choose one favorite, so, sometimes I just flip to a new favorite...

-My son, age 10

I posted about this fabric some time ago, when my kids initially fell in love with it.

Then it found a dance partner...

Leftover peach-skin screamin' green lining from a client project some months ago.

Then it became...

Something my daughter greeted with a gasp, when she saw it on the dress form.

A new shirt for her journey to high school.

The journey to this one is particularly hard to articulate.  In New York City right now, there seems to be a movement afoot... if not an anti-movement, really.  With no particular allegiance to any unique color palette, any particular brand, musical style, celebrity, or social cause.  It is a celebration of the individual, listening to his/her own drummer, and adding a spark to the mosaic of New York City.  I'm seeing it everywhere. Dip your toes in the feeling of Afropunk (click the link), to get an idea.  If this is a burgeoning style movement, my kids are natural members. And it's not a Black thing.  It's an everybody thing. See this slideshow to get an idea...

This is something that starts right here.  Today. Not influenced by anyone else in particular- just a feeling in the air.  No one else's idea.

It was a long time in the making. A shirt for my daughter that sat around as four rectangles. For a long time.

The shirt. Note: Shown here on a misses dress form, which has a lower bust than she does (explains the high dart).
Fabric source: Fabrics World USA and a secret store near me (green fabric), that has a truly hit-or-miss inventory.

Pattern: self-drafted/draped, but the shape of the sleeves was inspired by this.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School - A Teen Perspective

"I don't care what sneakers are IN, Mom.  Can I just decorate my own?"