Saturday, November 3, 2012

Will we get back to... "normal"?

So, on Friday, the scheduled date of our Speakeasy Shop the Garment District Tour, I went into Manhattan, to wander the garment district...  I have had power at home throughout this ordeal, and the subway takes me right to the garment district from my starting point... incredibly slowly... but it will still get me there.  A trip that would normally take 45 minutes took 2 really long hours on Friday.

Note: This experience is NOT at all a challenge, compared to what so many New Yorkers are going through.  I wouldn't want to minimize their experience AT ALL by whining about a fabric shopping trip.  Trust me, I am keeping it all in perspective.  I was looking for an escape.  And I didn't find it.

I was having a miserable case of cabin fever, and wanted a sense of normalcy, and was kinda hoping that just maybe... someone who had signed up for the tour (I haven't heard from many of them) might feel like shopping anyway? But no...

Many stores were open, and some were closed.  The ones who were open, looked completely ready to do business, but the streets were pretty empty, and there were no walk-in customers to be had, it seemed.

The mood was somber, and the feeling of approaching winter was in the air.  Looking down 7th Avenue, there were police guiding traffic past 23rd Street, after which there was no electricity.  It was awfully quiet, and there was very, very little street (vehicles) traffic.

I wanted to write a journalistic post about my experience yesterday, but the trip kinda left me in a low mood.  I couldn't find an "angle" to make it hopeful, uplifting, or anything.  It seemed that we were all kinda down, and, frankly, traumatized by the whole experience.  People who were at work, standing in front of their buildings talking to each other or on cell phones, seemed to be having the same conversation.  "I'm here, but what am I supposed to do?"  Everything, it seemed, had come to a standstill.  One of my friend's offices (at an EXTREMELY high-end luxury company) "generously" offered the employees the option of bringing their children (for whom school is closed until Monday) to work.  Another friend, with a child in private school, was happy that her child's school was still open, but, with no gas available for the car, and having to choose between school and work, she couldn't take her.

But today... power has come back to many places in NYC, and the mood seems to be lifting a bit!  I'm seeing celebratory Facebook postings, and some garment district stores have happily posted that power was restored, so maybe my little excursion was just one day too early!

Let's hope...

And, remember, there are alternative dates for any of you who missed November 2, or simply wish to come along in the future!

You can find the choices here.

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