Friday, May 1, 2015

Men of the Cloth screening in NYC on May 20th

You can get your tickets (or the DVD and other merch) by clicking here.


  1. Looks interesting! How is tailoring (sewing that men do) different from sewing that women do? I am trying to understand the "dying art" comment in the trailer.

  2. In my experience, tailoring for men is much more rule-based, made to last longer, and considerably more structure and shaping on the inside of the garment. I would say that a man's suit is "sculpted" in a way that suits for women often aren't. I say this having worked for Giorgio Armani and Loro Piana in my professional life, and having seen what the tailors put into making some of these suits firsthand. Done at a very high level, mastery of this craft is a lifelong pursuit, and there aren't may people entering the profession nowadays, and fewer customers willing to pay the prices they command, too.

  3. I love how they do all this beautiful work while impeccably dressed.


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